Chicks in Hats

Chicks, wearing hats!

floral adorable.


Last year Maine-based artist Julie Persons and her eight-year-old daughter began working on a project entitled Chicks in Hats. Julie’s daughter puts ridiculously cute little hats on already ridiculously cute baby chicks and then Julie photographs them. Judging by these awesome photos, Julie and her daughter make a great team. 

What’s more, there is even a Chicks in Hats Etsy shop where you can purchase prints of these delightful photos, greeting card sets or even fridge magnets. There’s nothing like a cute chick sporting a tiny hat to brighten one’s day. 

[via My Modern Metropolis]




Talk:Craft with Julie Persons from Chicks in Hats



I never knew that I desperately wanted 10+ pages of chicks wearing funny little hats until I actually found myself squealing as I clicked through all 10+ pages of Chicks in Hats. To be honest, one of the reasons why I reached out to Julie Persons, the photographer in charge of this project,…